Inapa Deutschland tests electric truck

Inapa Deutschland is going ahead with the test phase of the Mercedes-Benz eActros electric vehicle in Ettlingen, Germany, for paper distribution in the Karlsruhe area. The truck has a range of approximately 200 kilometres.

According to Frank Weithase, the company's COO, "environmental protection and sustainability are two priorities in our business. Being a market leader entails a level of responsibility that goes far beyond our economic activities in the area of paper solutions. It also includes the distribution of our products. It is precisely in this field that the CO2-free eActros lorries contribute to our environmental strategy."

In fact, this is the second testing phase, as the truck has been tested since the beginning of the year and has proven to perform well on motorways and similar roads. The range of around 200 kilometres is independent of the load carried, route or topography, and the battery can be fully charged in two hours. A quiet driving style and a pleasant driving experience are two of the characteristics of this innovative fleet.

Series production of this type of vehicle is scheduled for 2021.