Interview with Luís Ferreira by Do Papel magazine

Luís Ferreira discusses Leadership challenges and objectives for 2024

In a recent interview, Luís Ferreira, Managing Director of Inapa Portugal, Inapa Packaging and Inapa Viscom, shed light on the leadership challenges he faces and outlined the objectives for the year 2024.

Luís Ferreira highlighted the complexities of leading three distinct business units within the same market. He emphasized the importance of aligning objectives, maintaining each entity's unique identity while fostering collaboration, and effectively managing resources across borders as key challenges. 

"Inapa Group coordinates strategies and actions, whether commercial or marketing, in both countries (Portugal and Spain) because there are areas that are transversal. In the Portuguese market, there are three independent companies, but we have areas such as Marketing or Purchasing, as well as HR, IT, and Finance, which are managed at Iberian level. Each of the companies maintains its identity/autonomy but will work in a more integrated way. There are many points of contact and identical needs that must be addressed with an integrated value proposition."

Looking ahead, several objectives for the integrated business units were outlined. These include enhancing operational efficiency, improving market agility, and reinforcing their position as a leading player in the Iberian market. By aligning strategies and actions across borders, the aim is to capitalize on emerging opportunities and address common challenges effectively.

Luís Ferreira's insights underscore the commitment of Inapa to adapt and thrive in a dynamic business environment while maintaining a focus on delivering value to customers and stakeholders.

Read the full interview here (available only in portuguese).